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  • FerndaleTech can put in a wireless bridge to span a gap between buildings that lets you extend your wireless network across any line of sight. Want to have some cameras on the other side of that barn? No Problem!

  • How about an Extended Wireless Guest Network for your friends, family, or patrons,  we can put one in your hotel, field, or home.

  • Just need some wires? Custom cut to your needs. Cat6 or Cat5e, UTP or STP, outdoor or indoor, tell us what you want.

  • Does your business need a rock solid Disaster Proof Shared Network Drive or Backup NAS? We are proud partners with IOSafe, providers of the IOSafe line of Disaster Proof Storage. We can couple the products provided by IOSafe with FerndaleTech ProTech and DataVault BackUP Services to make sure you never loose a single bit of data.

  • We primarily use Netgear and Ubiquiti for our infrastructure products, ensuring you have quality products proven to last.

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